Grove Growing Assistant


User research revealed that customers wanted a hands-off approach to growing, but a hands-holding companion to boost their confidence and remove the burden of information seeking. 

What does a growing assistant for the home look like?


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I first created paper concepts and wireframes to visualize ideas enough to discuss with the team.

Through user testing, we honed in on the concept of an ‘inbox’ and moved away from monitoring or adjusting, which is inherant in a dashboard approach.

We then considered the different inputs and classifications of ‘tasks’ that might make up the user’s primary interaction with the app. Tasks could be triggered by sensor data, a user input, a timer going off, or a message sent by the Grove team. Topics included plant tasks, aquarium maintenance, water level notifications and more.


[add photos] To roll out the inbox, we designed a 90-day engagement plan, then built a flexible internal messaging system.

For the first few months, over a slow roll out, every message a user saw was manually triggered by our customer success director. Since she best understood user needs in context, the feedback loop from customer to product was quick.

As we iterated on the timing and copy of notifications and perfected the content within them, we automated tasks individually. The content card in the inbox expands to give the user a quick review of the task, and access to the detailed tutorial.

We also tracked behavior in MixPanel, combining data-driven insight with qualitative feedback to identify opportunities to improve the engagement plan.

Check out the Growing Assistant in the App Store Here.

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