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  • origins of my love of rapid prototyping (tie to my current work and link to an essay on ux lessons from game design).

In 2013, while working at The Tap Lab, I sought to learn from the independent game designers all around me. A common theme emerged: if you want to design a game, start designing games immediately - because your first few will be terrible.

I wondered if the world’s best game designers remembered their rst ever attempts at game design. If young people heard the pros laugh about their early mistakes, might it encourage them to try their hand at it?

Over the course of a year, I conducted, filmed and edited interviews with 9 game designers including Will Wright, creator of The Sims, Bob Bates, founder of Legend Entertainment, and Jesse Schell, author of The Art of Game Design. With The Tap Lab’s art director, Joe Williams, I developed branding, designed an intro reel, and launched First Game Ever on YouTube.

The Pitch

First Game Ever is a community project to inspire people to create games. Through the hilarious and heartwarming stories of designers and developers’ rst ever attempts at game design, you’ll nd out how not to make the same mistakes we did, and more importantly, how to have fun doing it.


Got our CEO on another panel at PAX East, which was a hit.

Graduated with a B.A. in Communication Design from Emerson College. Studied Product Design in Startup Insitute Boston's inaugural class. Marketing Manager at The Tap Lab, a mobile gaming startup focused on location & augmented reality. Founder of Colab Boston, an AIGA Design for Good partner. Raised overseas, uncomfortable with familiarity, lover of live music, skiing, Bourbon Ales, black coffee and weird food. Current favorite topics: The Internet of Things, serious games, data visualization and epic burgers.